Expert Basement Waterproofing Services in Bloomfield, CT

Do you know how many people tell me that they hate going down into their basements? At CT Dry Basements, we think that’s just crazy. Don’t let a leaking, damp, moldy or wet basement run your life. There’s no leak we can’t repair.

Last week, we received a call from a really great couple in Bloomfield, CT who said that they’d just about had enough of the leak in their basement. The wife said – and I quote – “My husband has been up all night vacuuming up water and now, he has to go to work all day. Please help us. The other company we called told us we needed to spend thousands of dollars… dig up our leaking foundation… and redo our whole basement. The next company we called sent out some kid who just wouldn’t leave. He just kept trying to sell us all the stuff he had in his toolbox. Can you come out right away?”

I made an appointment to meet this Bloomfield couple the very next day. We only talked for just a few minutes and then I had a chance to check the area of the basement where the water seemed to be coming from. We found it! There was a small crack in the foundation wall behind the sheetrock. When we looked at the foundation from the outside, it was easy to see exactly where the water in this basement was coming from. I inquired about the response from my competitors. The couple told me that none of my competitors looked at their basement’s foundation from the outside. They just came in with a case full of things they wanted to sell to this couple.

Sometimes water in the basement does require a little more work, but many times it can be repaired quickly and easily and in just a few hours. To properly diagnose what’s causing your leaking basement, it takes years of experience… not some fancy sales pitch. We’ve been fixing leaks in basements in Connecticut for over 35 years and we are hands-on when it comes to waterproofing your basement. If your basement leaks, we can fix it. Call us today at 860-830-7904.