Fast and Affordable Basement Repairs in Connecticut

Almost every time I meet a Connecticut homeowner, I seem to hear the same story… “we’re afraid to go away on vacation because we don’t know what we’ll come home to”… or… “we have to get up every few hours to suck up the water with the shop vacuum so all of our stuff doesn’t get wet.”

Really? Why put up with that? Most basement repairs can be done in a single day, and our repairs are very affordable.

Let’s talk about one recent foundation crack repair in West Hartford, Connecticut. This very nice couple had been dealing with a wet basement for over 10 years. The problem? A foundation crack right at the corner of one of the basement windows. After examining the crack, we determined it was only a common settlement crack and non structural. I gave the customers our quote to repair it and they said… “why so inexpensive?” I explained to them the three-step process to repair foundation cracks and then I showed them the price sheet of our services. We then talked about how long the foundation crack repair would take – approximately 4 hours – and the fact that we guarantee it not to leak for 10 years.

The next comment is always the same… “why did we wait so long to get our foundation fixed!” Don’t put up with a wet basement. Call CT Dry Basement today at 860-830-7904. We’re located in Avon, CT and we’ll  travel all over the State of Connecticut to repair your wet basements.