Wet Basement Repair


Permanent Wet Basement Repair with CT Dry Basements. No More Wet Smelly Basements!

CT dry basements specializes in providing permanent solutions for your wet basement.

Don’t let water in the basement dampen your home’s potential!

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Our drainage system stops the water, before it enters your home, and channels it to a sump pump to move the water away from your basement.

This efficient method keeps your basement dry and is one of the most important steps to stop mold and mildew from developing.

Protect your basement and your family with a waterproofing system from CT Dry Basements

In need of wet basement repair? Some of the more common ways your basement can leak are:

Porous Concrete or Masonry

Poor Soil Drainage

Window Well Seepage

Hatchway Leaks

Foundation Wall or Floor Cracks

Cove Joint / Foundation Wall Seepage

And yes… we fix them all via a number of wet basement repair services.

Reclaim your basement today with wet basement repair from CT Dry Basements.

If your Connecticut basement is wet or damp or moldy or it leaks, we can fix it.

Don’t put up with a wet basement.