Hatchway Leaks / Basement Doors


From fixing leaks to Full Replacement, CT Dry Basements can take care of your hatchway

Hatchways frequently encounter leaks, especially as they get older  These leaks pose a triple threat: they can occur at the doors themselves, where the doors connect to the house, or where the hatchway itself meets the foundation. Traditional hatchway doors are susceptible to rot, and over time, the essential flashing and caulking that protect your home can degrade. An area that remains exposed to the elements inevitably becomes a basin for water, which may eventually find its way into your basement.

CT Dry Basements Can Help! We Offer:

Door replacement and comprehensive sealing

Mason Drains

We can install a long floor drain at the base of your hatchway stairs that ties into a sump pump, effectively preventing water from entering your basement.


Complete Rebuilding

Have an old wooden or steel hatchway that is rotted away?

No problem we can build an entirely new hatchway for you.

No hatchway?

We can safely cut your foundation and build a new hatchway or install an egress window. Either will provide you with greater safety and convenience for entering or exiting your home.

Most hatchway leak repairs can be accomplished in less than a day, restoring the integrity of your basement against water damage efficiently and effectively.