The Critical Importance of Basement Waterproofing

One of my customers  – a very nice woman from Farmington, CT – told me, “My parents are elderly and they still live in their home. They still manage but they have some health concerns. My mom, in particular, has respiratory problems and sometimes has difficulty breathing.” She stated that – at times – they have water in their basement and she asked if I could take a look. I drove to her parents’ home in Bristol, CT and I did take a look at their wet basement and… wow!

After just a few minutes in this damp basement, I started to cough and I started getting a headache. There was a heavy smell of must and mold and I could see water on the basement floor. That’s when I noticed that the items stored in this damp, musty basement were ruined… they were just covered with mold. The bottoms of the cardboard boxes all had water stains on them and  there was a leather suitcase that had so much mold on it that it looked like a giant green caterpillar. Now I’m a fairly healthy guy but the damp, musty environment in that basement was starting to bother me… can you imagine how it was affecting the health of this elderly couple? They actually go down into that wet, damp, moldy basement every day to do their laundry.

Fact… 50 – 60% of the air we breathe comes up from our basements into our homes.

Fact… water in a basement affects everyone in the family, not just the elderly but everyone… you… your children… even your pets. It attracts rodents, it attracts termites, and it attracts a whole list of disgusting things you shouldn’t have to and don’t want to live with. Get rid of that wet and moldy basement and get rid of that musty basement smell. Reclaim your basement; it’s as easy as one phone call – at 860-830-7904 – and our estimates free!

Oh, and by the way… we fixed that particular leaky basement for under $500. Isn’t the health of the ones you love worth the $500 cost to repair your wet basement?